Nova Marble realizes every marble restoration work in the villas and apartments on the French Riviera.


Marble: A noble natural stone

NOVA MARBLE is available on the French Riviera for all marble renovations in Nice for individuals and professionals in the 06 and 83 between Monaco and St Tropez, Nice, Cannes or Antibes. Marble is a prestigious stone used for centuries in construction. In the Greco Roman period already covered some marble floors and walls. With different styles and colors, marble is a decorative element omni present today.

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Unfortunately, we meet a majority of non-maintained marbles in the villas, condominiums and public places that give a neglected appearance to noble places at the base. Marble has a little known benefit to the eyes of most people: it allows at any time to find a new and shiny. There are deep renovation solutions but also economic solutions to regain a clean and shiny marble without breaking the bank.

Marble is fragile!

In everyone's mind, marble is a hard stone that does not require maintenance. The truth is quite different. Marble is a natural stone prone to erosion and sensitive to chemical attack especially when it is not polished or crystallized regularly. Not maintained, it wears out easily, task relatively easily and loses its shine.

Marble is a renovated like new!

By cons, marble refurbished by a professional will be much more impervious, its polished surface is harder and less susceptible to wear. Its maintenance will be more simple and brilliance illuminate your interior. It now simply suck regularly and clean with a wet mop.

Marble renovation protects

Having marble from home requires some knowledge and some good reflexes to keep it in good condition. The marble is not easy to renovate, so it is important to use the services of a company specializing in marble renovation. Depending on use, marble floors deserves annual maintenance, polishing or crystallization performed by a professional. The marble sanding should be carried out if deep scratches or tasks.

For a marble renovation quote simply tell us:

  • the number of m2 to renovate
  • the type of renovation desired: polishing, crystallization or grinding?
  • whether or not filling holes
  • if it is a ground, a work plan or steps
  • if we have to move the furniture or if parts are empty
  • your address
  • the date desired response

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