Nova Marble realizes every marble restoration work in the villas and apartments on the French Riviera.


Polissage de marbreNOVA MARBRE realizes marble polishing in the 06 and 83 between Monaco and Saint Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Cannes etc ... Marble polishing enables a scoured marble, pickled and bright. It consists in using a single brush with diamond discs of different grains. It begins with a coarse polishing for removing surface treatments, scratches and superficial tasks. Polishing continues with decreasing grain to smooth the surface, close the pores and get increasingly shine without using chemicals. One can also talk about micro sanding. Unlike grinding, polishing marble does not erase the very deep scratches and embedded tasks. On a very damaged marble, polishing and sanding follows the above crystallization. Marble polishing is done with water and does not create dust.

Marble crystallization

Marble renovation