Nova Marble realizes every marble restoration work in the villas and apartments on the French Riviera.


NOVA MARBLE involved in the Alpes Maritimes (06) and Var (83) in Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes or St. Tropez for all marble sanding and re-marble state. Your marble is very worn, dull, scratched? The marble sanding followed by crystallization is the most effective solution to find a perfect marble. Sanding allows a thorough renovation of the stone to find a new. It removes scratches, tasks and level differences between the slabs. The sanding followed by crystallization restores shine and enhances colors. Your marble is then protected.

IMPORTANT: The marble grinding is not always essential to a shiny marble and protected. There are more economical for intermediate solutions have fun and impress your friends. Etching / polishing crystallization allow to obtain a clean marble, protected and a beautiful shine.

Marble is nowadays used in busy public spaces, hotels, offices and luxury villas. It undergoes wear becomes dull and susceptible to chemical attack. Fortunately, thanks to sanding, one very worn marble find a new. Sanding is to "scrape" marble diamond or stone sanding to find a still pristine deep marble. The marble sanding should be done by an experienced and well-equipped professional.

The marble sanding dust is not because the work is done with water. There is no drying time, walk on the marble from the work finished sanding and crystallization.

For a marble sanding quote simply tell us:

  • the m2 sanding
  • whether or not filling holes
  • if it is a ground, a work plan or steps
  • if we have to move the furniture or if parts are empty
  • your address
  • the date desired response


Marble crystallization

Marble renovation