Nova Marble realizes every marble restoration work in the villas and apartments on the French Riviera.


cristallisation de marbre

NOVA MARBLE is serving professionals and individuals for the crystallization of marble in the Alpes Maritimes and the Var 06 83 between Monaco and Saint Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Nice and the main cities of the French Riviera. A marble tarnished by time regain shine through crystallization. Marble crystallization is the combined result of a chemical reaction and a mechanical action on the marble. It consists in using a crystalline product in powder or spray and to cause a chemical reaction with a single brush. This gives the marble shine and protection. The single crystallization allows to obtain a surface gloss. For more spectacular and lasting results, it is best to combine the crystallization sanding or stripping / marble polishing. Sanding followed by crystallization is the solution that provides new condition and maximum brilliance. Pickling with crystallization provides a clean marble and a beautiful shine. Unlike sanding, stripping / polishing does not erase the deep scratches and tasks. Polishing monitoring crystallization is a more economical solution for obtaining a scoured and polished marble. This technique satisfies most of our customers with a reasonable budget.

For a marble crystallization quote simply tell us:

  • the m2 to crystallize
  • whether or not filling holes
  • if it is a ground, a work plan or steps
  • if we have to move the furniture or if parts are empty
  • your address
  • the date desired response

Marble crystallization

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